Executive Coaching

Blacksmith Consulting Company uses a leadership competency approach to delivering its coaching services. We work with our clients to determine the appropriate elements of a coaching program. We use a variety of assessment methods to gather the information needed for building effective development plans. Our coaching method is intense and focuses on deliverable outcomes for client development. We believe that truly effective coaching occurs in the context of an ongoing relationship between the coach and participant, founded upon experience, mutual honesty, trust and positive regard.

  • Our coaches have earned graduate degrees and have significant business knowledge.
  • Highly trained in the use of assessment instruments and feedback techniques.
  • All possess a diversity of experience and style that allows for strategic, well-planned, well thought and intentional matches between our coaches and participants.
  • All share a code of professionalism for maximum impact.
  • All are flexible about adapting to your busy schedule.
  • All are dedicated to client success : “We don’t succeed if you don’t succeed.”

We will…

  • Coach to support development and succession management initiatives
  • Accelerate the development of a high potential leader
  • Help an executive transition into a new team
  • Work to help make a career leap
  • Team with a client to fix a performance problem, or overcome a personal derailer

We Don’t….

  • Engage in un-sponsored coaching
  • Do psychotherapy
  • Coach without a robust diagnostic (360 Feedback or a Custom Assessment)